Sudden Vision Loss Treatment In Albuquerque

Responding to Sudden Vision Loss

At our clinic, we understand that sudden vision loss can be an alarming and distressing
experience. It is a condition that requires immediate attention, and our team is prepared to
provide the urgent care and support you need.

Understanding Sudden Vision Loss

Sudden loss of vision can occur in one or both eyes and can range from a partial to a complete loss of sight. This symptom can be a result of various serious eye conditions or other systemic health issues.

Our Immediate Response

When you come to us with sudden vision loss, our priority is to act swiftly and effectively:

Emergency Assessment

We prioritize your visit to ensure you receive immediate attention. A rapid assessment of your eye health and vision is conducted.

Detailed Eye Examination

A comprehensive examination is essential. This includes checking visual acuity, pupil reactions, eye pressure, and the front and back segments of the eye. Depending on the initial examination findings, we may conduct further tests such as Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), fluorescein angiography, or an ultrasound of the eye. These
tests help in diagnosing the specific cause of vision loss.

Review of Medical History

A quick review of your overall health and medical history, including any medications you are taking, can provide crucial clues to the cause of the vision loss.

Common Causes and Immediate Actions

Sudden vision loss can be caused by a variety of conditions, including retinal detachment, vascular occlusions, optic nerve disease, or even a stroke affecting the visual pathways. Our response is tailored to the specific cause, ranging from immediate medical or surgical
intervention to referral to a specialist or emergency room for further risk management.

Our Urgent Advice

If you experience sudden vision loss, it is a medical emergency. Contact us immediately or seek urgent medical attention at an emergency room. The sooner the cause is identified and treated, the better the chances of preventing further vision loss or further systemic manifestations.

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing immediate and expert care in the event of sudden vision loss. Our clinic can help you navigate this emergency. Your vision and eye health are our utmost priorities, and we are here to support you through every step of this urgent medical situation. We provide sudden vision loss treatment in Albuquerque.